About Us

Fire Axe International (Pvt) Ltd is proud that we can offer our clientele customized packages forthe protection of LIVES & PROPERTY as per the codes of practice of the National Fire Protection Association and the British Standards Specifications.


A strong foundation determines the strength of the building. We affirm our commitment in identifying and understanding the specific needs of different institutions in providing tailor made solutions in respect of operational fire hazard safety.


We are now front runners in Fire Engineering As such we believe in approved products coupled with technical expertise, quality control right from design to installation, testing and commissioning of fire protection and detection systems to ensure mitigation of losses.

The Organization

Administration – Consists of the Directorate, Financial Controller, Office Manager, Marketing Executive and Clerical Staff.

Engineering Division – This is directly under the purview of a very Senior Consultant Engineer counting many years of experience in Electronic & Electro Mechanical systems Applications and Hydraulic/Hydro – Dynamic Configurations with Logistic support from the Management, Technically qualified Team leaders together with experienced Technicians to execute all type of Installations.

Overseas & Local Suppliers

  • C – TEC, UK – For Detectors, Call Points, Sounders, Control Panels
  • SRI, MALASIA – For Hose Reels & Components
  • KOLLING, MALAYSIA – For Hose Reels, Lay Flat Hoses & Extinguishers
  • SRI, MALAYSIA – For Breaching Inlets, Pillar Hydrants, Landing Valves, Hose Reel Hoses.
  • ZYFIRE, CHINA – For Lay Flat Fire Hoses.
  • JINASENA LTD, SRI LANKA – For Fire Pump & Accessories
  • VIDMA INTERNATIONAL(PVT) LTD, SRI LANKA – For Motor Switch Gear and Pressure Switchers.
  • MODERN HARDWARE, SRI LANKA – For Heavy & Medium GI Pipes; Fittings
  • THAHIR’S (PVT) LTD, SRI LANKA – For Heavy & Medium Duty GI Pipes; Fittings, Gate Valves, Non Return Valves Ball Cocks etc.
  • BANKERS – The Commercial Bank PLC.

Quality Assesment

All products marketed by us have been approved for public use by the Chief Officer, Fire Service Department, per his certification dated 09th February 2005.

Company Registration No – PV 118

Please call on 0773103000 further information.

We are pleased to furnish you with a list of our valued clientele to whom reference may be made. You may also find the annexed list of components and current pricing which may help you when budgeting expenditure.